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tired of being a good rakyat

but then, things aren't gonna change.

i'm sick with those 'pemimpin berjiwa rakyat' playing around with promise and everything just to make sure they get what they want.

aren't we blind????

or stupid??

wake up peopleeee....!

dare to change! no one will start it if we never make a first move

stop being comfortable while others suffer

yerp, i'm totally in d mood of sad, disspointed and definitely 'jiwa memberontak'!

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my wife no mood today.
suppose to go watch PaPaDom but then soo many things got in the way.
go right traffic jam.go left traffic oso.then u turn then wrong way..
haish..its soo hard to keep a positive mind..come to think about it..
Kte hanya boleh merancang.hanya ALLAH yg menentukan
ade hikmah disebalik tiap yg berlaku..

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mari tgk apa aku da bt sepanjang ini.

laaa xleh uplod lg ka?? haih..lemau sey

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i wife n i have this long infectious desease that had really made our credebility questionable.its our incapability to be punctual to any time means being late to any time related agreement.come to class late.come to office for now im supposed to get ready for work at 8.30 n yet im typing this entry!!
i had missed the chance of a lifetime to be on tv3 MHI becouse of this sickness.
btw my wife is still sleeping.....
long time no update.
guess its time to start blogging again.

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