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i love learning about life. how you improve from one level of life to the other. improve in the sense that even you think your life sucks, you are subconciously putting a par level in your head, a boundary that you need to surpass.a goal you must reach. and with that you are improving. try to make everything go your way again.
but life doesnt always agree with you though. but as a human,u will try to adapt. survive and live in anyway you see fit. im not saying i agree with darwins theory of human evolution im just impressed how human except the reality that confront them.
ALLAH never neglects HIS servant's wishes,HE just replace it with something better.
if you think your life sucks today,wait till you see tomorrow. it may become twice as suck as today but as far as you are concern your life plan doesnt end tomorrow and you never know what is in store for you. work your way up,plan ahead and move one step at a time.

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i am really pissed off!!
a simple concept that cant really get into their thick head.
shallow and unintelligently pitching ideas and throwing jugements into the matter that is far beyond their mind.
man i am really mad am i?
is it really that hard to imagine? to understand? is it because u r not in our shoes? we dun live the same reality? or is it just ur unexplored brain got even smaller.
please think just a little bit deeper and a imagine just a bit longer.

we don live like u do.

we do what our fathers did.

changing is not an option coz we cant afford it.

don jus lay laws and expect we cud follow them like goat.

please support us.

yes,u did it.

nope, we cud not do what u do.

we cant afford it.

please support us.

please rule down PPSMI

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everyone went crazyyy last nite!!

well not everyone at least we were!!
and it was all because of this particular man call the fugitive.rm15000 is enough to get us up on our feet and running. heck i drive like a pro drifter while mrs.juan were screaming every time i went swaying left and right for an empty spot to rev up.we figure out the clue and went straight to dataran merdeka. i thought people were storming this place up but then when we arrived only a few had the same idea that the fugitive was there.
so there , we went asking the 'are you the fugitive?' question to a few people as i think spamming that question wasn't an option since most of the visitors are either a couple or a comittee of the drift show the had in front of Sultan Ismail Federal Building. by the way, the hunt only last couple of hours form the 1st clue that aired at 9.00pm but we arrived when there was only half and hour on the clock.dang! i wish we had more time since there is this one guy i would like to ask but couldn as the time is up.huhu.rm15K just went out the drain. but neither of us are sure the fugi was there.there were some hunter that went all around klcc area asking the same question but turned out blank.for facts, the hunt was each state are solving the same generic clue locally.lucky to those state that got small area to cover.
last 2 nite ago,some 17-year old won rm14,000 cash at the curve. but the clue given was specific as the generics 13-state clue is not applicable yet.he got off easy that was his rezeki. but then our rezeki went out the window.hehe.
good experience though.i even got my wife to participate which was a miracle since she doesnt have much night life.that is it from me.need to shower.chow.

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wut is planning?

n wut r d significant of planning?

do we need to have plans?

if u do have a plan,what if someone ruined it?

as for me. it's much waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy important rather thann killing time watching Big Bang Theory... (abang's favorite's tv series.hehehehhe)

ohhh this problem of screwing up d plans is really make me sick. i despise dis particular habit happened as if i was not a well prepared person.

please take note after dis.before u go to sleep every nite plis make sure that u have tought of what u want to do for tomorrow n d schedule.and please always be able to stick with d plan n dont belok2.

as what we learnt from today and some days ago lesson about lari2 from our plans is not such a good idea.perhaps u will forget someday, n once again, it has always be my job to keep u in mind about the things u forget and vice versa.

'Demi Masa' (courtsey by encik Juan n puan Nadiah meminjamkan gambar hantarannye)

Demi masa!
Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian,
Kecuali orang-orang yang percaya, dan membuat kerja-kerja kebaikan,
dan saling berwasiat pada yang benar, dan saling berwasiat untuk bersabar.

people had always forgotten to appreciate their life especially their time and health.
d quate from book of tuesday with morries :

" the culture that we have does not make people feel great about theirselves"

" there are ways to make we satisfied our live by devote to loving others,devote to your community and urself and devote to creating something that give us purpose and meaning"

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RE-wind nd FOR-ward

currently, not in d gud mood. i dunno why?every thing was not supposed to be accordingly what i want.Haih~~dah la nak off.trying to update d blog soon.

coming up,more pictures n stories.

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Peregi ke Pulau Tioman yey!!

bru sampai


mne lg besar.

ade byk lg gmba tp nape tah xle post.
sket2 yek.
tioman bes.
gi snokerling.rm600 tu.mekaseh bah.
pengalamn yg bes.
lepak ngan wife tepi pantai mlm2 tgk langit yg xde pencemaran chaya. bintang sebijik2 boleh tgk.pak mak napak bintang 7 bute.hehe.
cantik ciptaan Tuhan.
rs dekat diri ngan-NYE.
hidup hari2 tgk jalan.banggunan n kereta.
sesekali tgk alam luas tebentang lapang dada.


dan byk lagi tp mls nk upload.
ms blk.nmpak rainbow yg tersangat pekat. dikala senja yg oren memukau.
ilang penat memandu kt highway.subhanALLAH...

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