i love learning about life. how you improve from one level of life to the other. improve in the sense that even you think your life sucks, you are subconciously putting a par level in your head, a boundary that you need to surpass.a goal you must reach. and with that you are improving. try to make everything go your way again.
but life doesnt always agree with you though. but as a human,u will try to adapt. survive and live in anyway you see fit. im not saying i agree with darwins theory of human evolution im just impressed how human except the reality that confront them.
ALLAH never neglects HIS servant's wishes,HE just replace it with something better.
if you think your life sucks today,wait till you see tomorrow. it may become twice as suck as today but as far as you are concern your life plan doesnt end tomorrow and you never know what is in store for you. work your way up,plan ahead and move one step at a time.

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JuaNadiah 2013