i am really pissed off!!
a simple concept that cant really get into their thick head.
shallow and unintelligently pitching ideas and throwing jugements into the matter that is far beyond their mind.
man i am really mad am i?
is it really that hard to imagine? to understand? is it because u r not in our shoes? we dun live the same reality? or is it just ur unexplored brain got even smaller.
please think just a little bit deeper and a imagine just a bit longer.

we don live like u do.

we do what our fathers did.

changing is not an option coz we cant afford it.

don jus lay laws and expect we cud follow them like goat.

please support us.

yes,u did it.

nope, we cud not do what u do.

we cant afford it.

please support us.

please rule down PPSMI

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JuaNadiah 2013