wut is planning?

n wut r d significant of planning?

do we need to have plans?

if u do have a plan,what if someone ruined it?

as for me. it's much waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy important rather thann killing time watching Big Bang Theory... (abang's favorite's tv series.hehehehhe)

ohhh this problem of screwing up d plans is really make me sick. i despise dis particular habit happened as if i was not a well prepared person.

please take note after dis.before u go to sleep every nite plis make sure that u have tought of what u want to do for tomorrow n d schedule.and please always be able to stick with d plan n dont belok2.

as what we learnt from today and some days ago lesson about lari2 from our plans is not such a good idea.perhaps u will forget someday, n once again, it has always be my job to keep u in mind about the things u forget and vice versa.

'Demi Masa' (courtsey by encik Juan n puan Nadiah meminjamkan gambar hantarannye)

Demi masa!
Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian,
Kecuali orang-orang yang percaya, dan membuat kerja-kerja kebaikan,
dan saling berwasiat pada yang benar, dan saling berwasiat untuk bersabar.

people had always forgotten to appreciate their life especially their time and health.
d quate from book of tuesday with morries :

" the culture that we have does not make people feel great about theirselves"

" there are ways to make we satisfied our live by devote to loving others,devote to your community and urself and devote to creating something that give us purpose and meaning"

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JuaNadiah 2013