owh now is a tough time for me and aby whom I supposed as a married couple without a job (yes,both of us). i have to go through my life with NO job as well as having a little bit saving left.IF only i have a job......Nadiah, Encik Aby tak suka d 'if' word ok so u must throw away that word from ur mind if possible.Alahai, everyday i had to go through d paper just to find any jobs that suit me and i had even picked up any other jobs that non-related into my field and put in d joblist.Especially-management.but come to think about that,management is p
retty exciting where management people is dealing with humanbeing rather than engineering people who are actually working with machines, theories and not so human stuff.may be some people might think that it's kind of freak u know. yet, personally, engineering is challenging and we love to be challenged..WallaweY,power sioTTTT!hahahahah.now d opinion became ironic,kan?

Nah..enjoy some pictures :

and a newly blog learner give up to upload more pictures as i dont know how to move d picture around here.alah kire cin cai la kannn


i would like to share some informations on d chaos politic in our beloved country,malaysia today. it's actually good for people at age like me keep updating on what are happening through alternative media as well as prime media (is it?) so that we r able to get fair and square or in d other words CORRECT informations. Recently, many frogs had been found around perak and some rumours said most of this spesis were spread all around malaysia.wow it's going to be fun.lets wait and see what will be happening on coming up next.cheY cam iklan 8TV daaahh

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JuaNadiah 2013