Rambling of nothing

nothing much happened since my last post (i'm still continuing my job hunting,urgh). in fact, d post for this time is been actually hardly pushed by mr. hubby (awak post la pasal ptd awak tu, boleh share2 ape yg patut kan!).

surely d things that i wanna share as for today is i was having a great time of going through the PTD exam (r u sure?) ok, since i was d first-timer i tought on sharing that moment over here.

d exam began at 9pm for pengetahuan umum paper.d questions mostly covered on sejarah syllabus form 1 to 3 (siapa berminat sila buka buku2 sejarah itu.lebih berkesan buku rujukan). people like me would definetely finished d paper earlier than expected since i just need to tembak2 d answers.some of d questions were like : piala dunia 2010,ciri2 adat temenggong,mahkamah tertinggi dimalaysia,suruhanjaya reid & cobbold, tokoh wanita pertama jadi hakim negara,RMK,NAM,ZOPFAN and much more which i could't remember as i loose some of memory sense since that day-MasyaAllahhhh..all together is 60 questions.

subsequently, had d break only about 5-10 minutes then proceed to d next paper which i could say that was d hardest part for me who has been left d brain unutilise for past few months.Haih~
of forgot to mention name of d exam-esei bahasa melayu n i had chose d topic of penerokaan tanah tinggi dan lereng-lereng bukit.bincangkan punca dan kesan. Sometimes, i got blank and thought of nothing important as well as looking around d hall for guys oOps no lah just looking around ok.oh another topics that had been asked are bioteknologi and jualan langsung which had no idea to rambling of.(i'm sorry could't memorize d full question)

another break for 5min before start with esei bahasa inggeris and i selected d question no 1-security cameras.why we should use it? another topic are biohealth and x ingat!

okeh after that we had took break for lunch and solat. for me, i thought of going back and had my lunch at home so i was waiting for mr. hubby since i asked him to pick up me at 1pm. mind u, i finished my essay at 12.35pm n still mr. hubby was not there yet until 1.45pm. for d sake of being a good wifeY, i just let d evilness inside of me get away. and at last he made it to d place that he should be since 12.30pm at nearly 1.50pm.1st word came out deep inside my heart is Alhamdulillah as i was imagined for bad things (takmo cakap),it is because mr. hubby is hardly being late especially picking me up. later,majok-mintak ampon-masok hall balik.

at this time, i was having a strong headache and perut dh masok angin.Still, it couldn't turned me down to continue d battle (hahahahha). for the next paper is math, and something like IQ test.d questions are simple, yet i didn't manage to complete half of 40 questions.

next, come to the last part of the exam and it was some sort of article based question.i answered d questions hentamly as there had peribahasa,simpulan bahasa which i never heard before.hahhahah contoh: bagai gagak mengongogong telor.

okey done it.

oh ya,at d same day there was makan-makan at my house.direct after done with d exam,i was enterteined by my relatives and neighbours and they really lighten up my mood back and heart them so much.

Currently, missing abang badly, he is now at our home,gombak and me at kajang.abang cepat balik ambik nadiahhhhh....Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy2222222 mishhing u

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