n a d i a h

hey everyone!i'm nadiah.proudly i want 2 say that dis is my very 1st time writing in dis blog.OMG!!!!i'm a blogger now (plis read it in gedik style.OkeY).the previous 2 posts was from the other halF..oh such a sweet hubby,cause he WILLINGLY create special blog for us.thankS abang!

Hubby n his sweet 'ayya'

Okey,that is my huge-hubby.back to my story.Currently i'm a successful jobless yet a professional housewife.seriously, i bet u it will be d most dream job of most people u know.HuaRRRRRRGGGH.maybe some of u tought dat jobless people are useless..a BIG NO for that tought okeY.For me, i do have my ambitios goals, in fact a LOT of them are in progress.

it had always been for me eager to get a job after finished my study and then get married and live a happy life.Instead, time passed so fast and everything planned had changed 360 degree do i have to REplan all those things as i was not d old lady back in college yet.Now, it's time for me to prepare myself to be a new one with helps from hubby and families.

d word of d day is-ambitious

Always luv u 'aby'
apelah aku dok ngarot2 ni,bang

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