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Sekarang Aliff dah layan main mainan dia sorang-sorang. Ini bukanlah bermakna ibunya boleh terbongkang tengok tv lalu mengabaikan Aliff bermain seorang diri. Tidak! Aliff masih dalam pemerhatian dan pemantauan ibu ye. Macam pekerja yang kurang berdedikasi dan sering datang lambat ke pejabat.

Melihatkan Aliff dah begitu leka bermain, ibu dengan perasaan syok sendirinya mula merancang dan mengkaji untuk membeli barang mainan yang menyihatkan minda Aliff. Walhal, sampai kedai je terus google mainan apa nak dibeli. Chait.

Sampai je kedai, terus bukak laman web ini. Sambil baca kuat-kuat supaya didengari suami dan capai yang berkenaan dan sesuai.

Berikut barang mainan yang sesuai untuk bayi berusia 9-12 bulan seusia Aliff kini.


By the time babies are 9 or 10 months old, they're usually able make their way around the room in some fashion — creeping, crawling, or cruising (walking with the furniture's assistance). By 12 months, many babies have risen to their feet and can stand and even walk.

Your baby has started using objects as tools, pushing a ball with a stick or chasing the carrots around his plate with a spoon. He's also more interested in interactive games. Tickle him and let him tickle you back. Talk on the phone and then pass it off to him so he can babble, then hand it back to you for another round.

His problem-solving skills are improving and now he'll take the lid off a clear container to get the toy he sees inside rather than trying to reach through it. And he's beginning to understand words and recognize the names of familiar objects.

On all fours or on two feet, giddy with the freedom of movement and mobility, a baby at this age will want move, grab, and get to whatever used to be out of reach.

Push toys: Push toys give your toddler a chance to exercise his new walking skills. Choose a push toy, like a wagon, that is heavily weighted so your baby can lean into it, and take a lap or two around the living room. (Most babies this age are still too young for pull toys, which are better for slightly advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward.) Newfound mobility is a heady experience. But even after the novelty of walking wears off, your baby will enjoy pushing and pulling toys for months to come.
Ibu: Belum ada rejeki Aliff. Nanti kita tunggu kot-kot ada siapa-siapa yang baik hati nak bagi. Huk-huk

Shape sorters: Trying to figure out why the square block won't go through the round opening is a nice challenge for early problem-solvers. This is one of those toys that fascinate, and only occasionally frustrate, babies this age.
Ibu: Checked. Dah ada. Aliff suka sangat...........baling. T_________T

Balls: He's encountered them before, but balls get even more thrilling when you assume a standing position and can actually bounce them off the floor.
Ibu : Checked juga. Bola dari saiz sebesar alam ke sekecil zarah. Menipu sangat. Tolak pahala puasa.

Toy telephone: Babies love to imitate their parents. Even if he can't say much yet, a baby will try to communicate by holding the receiver and pushing buttons. The more realistic the phone, the better.
Ibu : Ibu tak nak beli talipon, jadi ibu memutuskan belikan Aliff mainan remote control tv bagi mengelakkan peebutan kuasa dengan ayah bagi memegang remote. Sekian

Books: At this age, children are particularly intrigued by books with flaps that open, textures that can be rubbed, and bunnies that need patting. For more ideas, see our recommended books for babies.
Ibu : Macam dah banyak. Tapi gedik nak beli lagi. Macam best tau, macam puas. Ish susah nak terangkan. Nadiah, ko ingat beli buku macam beli coklat?

Blocks: Blocks give him the chance to practice the art of stacking. He can probably stack three or four at this point, so the subsequent crash is gratifying.
Ibu : Nanti, sedang mencari yang menarik jiwa dan raga.

Pail and shovel: These tools come in handy when your baby's all-time favorite activity is filling and dumping, filling and dumping. Take these along to the sandbox, or out to the park and your baby will stay contented and busy for some time.
Ibu : Berjaya dapatkannya sekali dengan lori angkut pasir lagi. Kalau ada sesiapa yang nakkan servis angkut pasir boleh hubungi Encik Aliff ye!

Borong weh, jangan tak borong!

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